h2the’s “Paint x Projection” @ Dream Hollywood

DATE: Friday, February 28th, 2020
PLACE: Dream Hollywood

h2the will premiere a couple pieces from his “Paint x Projection” series at Dream Hollywood alongside art work by Jeneane Grotewiel, Amy Smith & Hero!

February 28th, 8am – 2pm

Note: This event is Invite Only and part of “REP YOUR WOMANHOOD! presented by Dream & Hoodfit. DM @h2the for info

h2the’s Paint x Projection series explores the line between a person’s vulnerable bare self and the self presented publicly. Do the clothes we wear hide our identities or do they create them? By replacing the usual fabric with splashes of paint and projections of light, the familiar line between “exposed” and “styled” is blurred. What defines a person externally, the skin and shape they can’t escape or the artificial colors and patterns they’ve chosen to embody.

Be sure to follow @paintxprojection for future exhibitions

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