Gotta Let You Go

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The latest track by h2the and Flavia, though on first listen, may sound like the lyrics of a love and break up song, take these issues head on. While the beat and vocals are upbeat, beautiful and bangin’, the theme of it delves much deeper.

We all know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Sometimes we’re so deep down the rabbit hole that we can’t even “see the tunnel ’til the lights come on”. Mental illness, and addiction aren’t widely understood in society. It often feels like people struggling with these issues have to deal with it alone. We wanted to write a song that flipped the perspective for someone struggling with these issues. With lyrics like, “I was floating ’til it all came crashing to the floor…what a beautiful view”. Flavia paints the picture that sometimes crashing back to reality, grounding yourself, and starting fresh after rock bottom can be a really beautiful place to be.

“Gotta Let You Go”, speaks to the listeners of relationships gone bad, but for the listeners dealing with mental health and addiction issues, it strikes a chord with lyrics like, “Turn off the lights, can’t go outside, board up the windows to my mind, take a step back, won’t see the tunnel till the lights come on, been holding on to you for so long, gotta let you go, gotta let you go, thought it was love, but I was so wrong, gotta let you go, least now I know”.