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Inspired by the idea of an acrostic, h2the’s upcoming album is a literal poem written by the artist, with each track making up the whole. The songs play as a soundtrack to the subconscious. Made up of dreamlike soundscapes with dialogue sampled in various places throughout the experience. Each track takes the listener further into the emotional space of the artist. Unlike albums mostly strung together with singles, this album is meant to be listened to as a whole.

In an effort to stay true to his original vision to never go too pop, h2the took the time while in quarantine to craft a Lo-Fi album true to the sounds with which this project began. For h2the, this album, titled An Album of Lo-Fi Songs That Will Never Trend, represents acceptance and rediscovery. Originally setting out to brand himself as a synth artist both in visual aesthetic and sound and as he kept producing, he found his songs kept leaning heavier and heavier into pop collaborations with artists like Flavia and REV-ENG (Jaden, Willow). An album of lo-fi songs that will never trend is meant to represent not what is, but what could have been.

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