Somewhere in Tokyo (& loving it)

Every moment here is epic, I honestly feel high the entire time, it’s just too surreal. Check out a few takes from Tokyo (below)… & if you’re around, I’ll be deploying the dopeness at Trunk(Hotel) tonight! 7-10:30pm & Next weekend, 2019.5.25 for ?@TOKYOLOVEHOTELS VOL.7?
#DONOTDISTURB?? ⠀May 25th (Sat) 5pm-11pm @SankeysPenthouse with some friends, K.Law @kalinlaw @yu_yalm @nastja.estere @takecareboys @kangju_ @kacien_official @zipangart @s.r.e.a.m._ @chustagram @soleneballesta @multiversegraphique @las.cruzadas @lyto_aha @keemdeperalta @_q_u_i_n_c_y_ @ritika.z @komachilaboyukari @guapular @elena_midori_ @omote.ura @chokolatepapi.

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