Video Recap of h2the @ SXSW

Still on fire from SXSW, it was just too dope 😉 Here’s a little taste of the @h2the live set the other week. Honestly, I couldn’t be more stoked and honored that some of my favorite artists flew from all over to make this happen! Much love to Dugans, Austin Steele, Flavia Watson (FLAVIA) and Alexander Morgan (NOARU).

◻️◽️▫️ ⇨ Just some context for this video, we didn’t have any plans to film the set, but moments before taking the stage, I realized I had my Mevo, so I set that up across the room at the Soundman’s spot and put Dugans and Alex’s iPhones on either side of the stage to at least capture something. My boy Shah who used to host MTV filming at my Gallery pointed out someone with a 4k cam and a gimble, they captured two songs from the set and my dude, Danny Knust jumped on the edit! So, for real, I just wanna thank everyone, the h2the dream is only a year and change old, but it’s moving fast, All praises due to the Most High!


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